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additional developmental steps

November 2017: table read of new full draft at The Lark

July 2016: "mini-lab" in NYC, workshopping musicalized scenes with the two lead trumpet players and additional actors.


Spring 2016: "Sweethearts Jam Slams" for women jazz musicians at Swing 46 in NYC, culminating in a concert of songs from the show performed by a band of 12 women musicians.


August 2015: developmental "roundtable" reading at The Lark (NYC).


January 2014: staged reading (with actors, prerecorded music) produced by Aurora Fox Arts Center (Denver).


September 2013: demo recording of 5 songs; 4 with big band instrumentation.


July 2013: 29-hour reading at the Triad Theater (NYC); band member roles read by actors; music played by musicians.

Summer 2012: The script of SWEETHEARTS first drafted and read aloud at a table read. 

Lark Residency, NAMT grant recipients

During the summer of 2017, SWEETHEARTS creators Nat & Kat were in residency with The Lark international theater laboratory based in New York City. Beginning in June with a weeklong writers’ retreat for a complete rewrite of Act 1, the residency culminated in a staged concert presentation in August at the Pocantico Center at the Rockefeller Estate in Tarrytown, NY. This presentation was the first time both the creators and the public got to experience a portion of SWEETHEARTS with the full complement of 12 actor-musicians both playing the music and reading their roles. The residency and presentation were supported in part by The Lark, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and by the National Fund for New Musicals, a program of National Alliance for Musical Theatre, with funding from The Alhadeff Charitable Foundation.


partnership opportunities

The next step for SWEETHEARTS is a backer's audition followed by a full workshop production.  If you are interested in helping make that possible, please contact us by email, call (212) 504-3046, or visit our Fractured Atlas page.

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